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According to a new study, you may cut your workout volume in half and yet stay in shape and maintain your fitness for up to 15 weeks.

We’ve all been there—possibly more frequently than we’d like lately—feeling unwell, out of the ordinary, or simply out of it, and wondering what we can reasonably do to sustain our arduously attained endurance and strength improvements or maintain fitness.

Good news, then. According to research, the number is much lower than you presumably believe.

The minimum exercise prescription (frequency, volume, and intensity) to sustain performance was examined using existing data in a study that was published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Study facts

They discovered that if you do just two-thirds of your typical volume (about five hours if you typically do eight) and make those sessions count by hitting your typical goal heart rate, you may retain your endurance for up to 15 weeks—nearly four months!

As long as you continue to exercise on the same number of days per week and at the same intensity as usual, you can reduce your activity level while still maintaining your VO2 max (the maximum quantity of oxygen you can use when exercising; . You can also consult my other articles on VO2 Max, here.


They wrote in the study that “tapping” research shows that athletes can maintain—or even improve—their strength performance for up to 4 weeks by reducing training volume by 30 to 70%, through reduced training frequency or reduced training session volume, and maintaining—or even increasing exercise intensity.

The bottom line:

Maintaining your intensity will help you retain your strength and endurance when you’re scared that you will not maintain your fitness or suffer if you can’t put in the hours that you’d like, just like a rising tide lifts all boats. You can have a look at this article for maintaining your fitness

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