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Maintaining a food diary, according to research, can be a highly useful tool for those who want to change their behavior in order to lose weight.

What is a food diary?

A food diary is a record of your everyday eating and drinking habits. Your doctor and you both benefit from having a food journal. You may become more aware of your eating habits. Once you are aware of this, you can alter your diet to lose weight.

Does maintaining a food diary aid in weight loss?

You have to answer to someone who is watchful but not judgmental (the trusty food log). You can better understand why and when you eat, as well as how hungry or satisfied you are, by regularly keeping a food journal. Keeping track of your intake in a food diary might improve your relationship with food in general. It alerts you to food-related problems that may have previously derailed you and provides you with the knowledge you need to proceed honestly.

How should a food journal be written?

Just make an effort to be as consistent as you can and give yourself some time to acclimate. It is probably going to be helpful if it feels difficult yet manageable. Do not worry if you miss a day. Simply pick it back up the following. And remember that it won’t last forever. Whether you keep a food journal daily for a year or daily for today, it can teach you a lot.

Although using a pen and piece of paper is a tried and true method, it might not be practical for you. Try shooting images, utilizing an app, or writing on your phone. Two of the most often used ones are MyFitnessPal and LoseIt, both of which are free.

Bottom line

A meal diary makes you responsible and serves as a personal reference tool that can guide your future decisions and, in the end, build new habits. It’s not for everybody, though. This isn’t for you if you have a history of an eating problem, are predisposed to obsessive eating patterns or food phobias, or if, for any reason, keeping a food diary makes you feel guilty, ashamed, or afraid. Keeping a food diary is meant to keep you accountable and mindful, not make you feel horrible about yourself.

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