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”For years, you’ve put off what Really Matters To Focus on things that don’t”

Don’t Sit, Get FIT Is A Human-Oriented, One-of-A-Kind Model of Coaching That’s Changing the Way You Feel, Eat, Move, Measure & Repeat Throughout the Day.

This Unique Coaching Model Is Easy To Adopt and Will Have You Feel The Benefits of Positive Psychology Behind Your Areas of Interest. Just Immagine Yourself, Starting Today, Being Physically, Mentally FIT While Radiating A Health & Wellness Image of Yourself – All While Having The Desired Daily Impact and Future Sustainable Results. (”Your Family, and Your Tribe Will Be Also Grateful”).



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Don’t Sit, Get FIT
5924 Sheridan St #1090
33021 Hollywood, FL

T: +1 (202)630-7515